About iLikeThatBeat.com

At I Like That Beat, we have a single mission: provide a way for the world to discover new music. Currently, it is quite difficult to discover new music that you like, it either has to be played on a radio station that you listen to, a friend needs to tell you about it, or one of the current limited recommendation engines can refer a popular song (that is if your song is popular as well, otherwise it likely cannot make a recommendation). There is an incredible amount of independent and commercial music around the world, which is nearly impossible to discover; let alone just trying to discover new music from bands/artists in your own country. In addition, if a band or artist does not have a contract with a major record label, chances are slim-to-none that you will ever discover their music. It is time for that to end; let’s get a direct channel connecting artists and bands, to the people who love the music they create.

At iLikeThatBeat.com we have developed proprietary software algorithms that are able to analyze a song, and then match the characteristics of that song to other songs in order to find songs that are similar. If a song is similar to one you like, you will probably like it as well. The search can be left wide open, or it can be limited to songs of the same genre, era or artist. Will you think some of the songs we suggest are not similar to the song you like? Absolutely. But if you listen to the beat, rhythm, tone, timbre and vocals, I think you'll hear similarities. Exploring is all about considering new things.

One of the fun things to do is find a song that matches your song, but you have not heard it before, then find songs that are like that one! You will be amazed at the immense amount of music in the world that you currently have no easy way to discover

With ilikethatbeat.com you can discover music you never knew existed. Just enter the name of one of your favorite songs or artists, and let our algorithms find more music that you may like. It will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music (which is constantly growing), commercial or non-commercial, well known and obscure - to find songs that are similar to your favorites. You'll be able to listen to a sample of the song to determine if it is a new song you may want to purchase. It's that easy!

We are continually looking to provide the best experience possible to our visitors; if you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to share; just send an email to: comments@ilikethatbeat.com.